The truth – is it always what we prefer? Can the truth be foul and grim and therefore be kept back from those it may concern?

– So, you talk a lot about honesty. Are you able to be honest yourself?

– Yes, I’m certain that I’ll be 100% truthful.

– Then let’s give this a go.

– Very well!

– Alright! Here we go then… We used to have something going on, you and me. Why did it end?

– Well, we just grew apart. We weren’t a good match.

– Really?

– Yes.

– Sounds like a politically correct answer to me. Easy to say without giving any reasons.

– Are you accusing me of lying?

– No, I’m suggesting that you just haven’t told the full story, as you were the one calling the whole thing off.

– Now, that’s rude!

– I understand that you think so. Sometimes the truth is a brutal…

– …but yeah – there’s more to the story.

– See! Why didn’t you just say it in the first place?

– I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

– You did that the moment you ended what we had going.

– Well, I didn’t want to make it worse.

– Still, you did, by keeping the truth from me.

– So. What is it that you want to hear?

– The truth. Why you broke up.

– OK… A couple of things.

– Like..?

– Like… this for instance. You always asking for an answer. Your obsession with the truth, which also leads to another problem, namely you appearing like an insecure little fuckwit, always focusing on yourself and how the rest the of the world can help you to improve. Like we’re all just pieces in the puzzle that is your life.

– OK…

– Hard to hear this, I guess, but you asked for it.

– Yes. Sure did.

– And you’re loud. And quite repetetive. A boring nerd. Fun in the start, then, after a while, you seem to be bitter and a bit… too much. You seem to be a bad listener only wanting to be right.

– OK, so I’m actually quite useless..?

– Those are your words.

– But you can’t say you fully disagree?

– You know? I think we should stop right here, right now. This is taking us nowhere. Very destructive. Self-destructive for you, I’d say.

– Well… I think this sums it all up for you: Goodbye!

– No..!

– Well, you’ll have your way!

– Hey… Hey! Don’t…!