I still dwell in the Night

(lyrics: K.) Still so desolateIn the dark nightStill so lonely – Longing, yearning The night is yet againDraped in blackBy thy absenseMy heart crieth Traumatized, victimizedYou make your way through this world Still waiting for theeThou art the only blessingThe (only) answer to my prayers My heart singethThe sad tuneOf sorrow and loneliness (Still under […]

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Slavery disguised

(lyrics: K.) Losing grip of sanityCreating yet another lieScars of mental vanityHonesty truly makes you cry Being taught as a youthThat one should avoid the truthConsidering it a threatWill get you in trouble, I bet Traumatized, victimizedYou make your way through this world Petrified, paranoidThose who govern rule you by fear Darkness has come upon

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A faint Whisper

(lyrics: K.) A soft and tender sound is heard:Your whispering in the dense nightI can recall your voiceFor you have called on me before Long time I have been awaitingYet again to hear from youThe merry sound of your voiceYour laughter singing (so softly) in my ear I reach outCan’t touch – can’t feelBut certain of whichThat somewhere out thereIn the mist of the nightYou are Yes, I know you are thereThough no hand is reaching back to meStill feeling that you are near’Cause I’ve been missing you so much I drift away, dreaming…I drift awayDreaming…I am drifting awayI drift away, dreaming of you When you whisper my nameI can still feel that you are hereReach out and grab my handTake my hand – touch me I reach outCan’t touch – can’t feelBut I am certain of whichThat somewhere out thereIn the mist of the nightYou are waiting(Waiting there) for me

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Incorrectly unequivocal

(lyrics: K.) Causes that you believe inThe matters you will fight forWill all blind you because youAre incapable of seeingThat you might be wrongNo room for being humble Confident you face every disputeConvinced that you’ll be victorious Knowing notThat an ocean of misconceptionsHave misled you Don’t get stuck in your resolute way of thinkingAll your stands and answers aren’t absolute Their validity is based upon the contextIn which they’re used

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