The Light of Yanah

Later on In another Shape; another Time I have an Encounter An Experience from the Past   A cold Sensation running through me Then a warm feeling of Excitement And I’m wondering – could this be it?   I see a living Image An Appearance of Beauty never before seen Never thought possible   And […]

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Dirge: The Lament

As Time went by, I kept waiting Waiting for Yanah to return Every Night was a vain Quest Still searching   Faint Visions of the Light from a shining Star Faint Whispers; So soft in my Ear   The Image fading; getting more vague Almost losing the Memory of it   Asking myself from Time

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An Image of Yanah

I was told, in Words of Silence, Through Visions and Thoughts, About this divine Beauty Which none have ever seen   But in my darkest Hour there was A shimmering bright Light Shining down on me   At first my Sight was blinded And a soft but mighty Voice spoke to me The Words of

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(A Journey through) Life

Silence… For Ages   The Moment Of Truth – And Absence of Silence – Birth   A pleasant Time – The Foundation   Success and Failure Learning from failing Trying out the Extreme Ups and Downs Shaping the Jewel   Stability One has their Mission Only to put off The Time that’s left Before returning

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Silencing the World

In the Land of Silence There’s nothing To be heard But Noise   To generate Silence There must exist Noise   In order to gain total Silence All Life must end   Life – the Absence of Silence   Noise – the Language of Silence   Feel the Glory of Silence   Close your Eyes

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