Yesterday I was at a friend’s place and had a few pints and fell asleep quite late. So I was kind of tired when I woke up by the crazy and extremely annoying sound of the alarm on my cellphone.

After a shower and a quick check that my luggage was OK, I went out to my father’s car. He asked me if I had everything, which I confirmed. After driving for five minutes I suddenly found out that I’d forgotten my cellphone… but, luckily, we had plenty of time to go back to get it.

I was quite early at Stavanger airport, Sola. Didn’t buy anything but a Davidoff Cool Water stick. No alcohol, no chocolate (of course – since I don’t eat that stuff) – only a couple of pizza slices for breakfast. And then there was waiting…

After waiting for one hour, it was time to board the plane. I ended up sitting in front of some silly girls talking about all kinds of braindead subjects. So I decided to break the rules of the plane: I listened to music from the «flight mode» on my cellphone. Good times!

Schipol was an extremely large airport. More like a shopping mall than an airport. I went around in the stores checking prices and stuff. There was this one store really catching my interest…

I might buy something there on my way home.

Since I had to wait for 4 hours before my plane to Barcelona left, I bought a couple of sudoku-books. And I bought some Italian food for lunch. The flight to Barcelona lasted about 1,5 hours, but I felt it went pretty fast because of the sudoku.

In Barcelona, the temperature is fine. I arrived at my hotel «Auto Hogar» at about 8.30 PM. This is my story from the first day of vacation.

Now it’s time to taste the air of Barcelona and – of course – taste some Spanish delights.

Cervesa and tapas and paella and all that… 😀

Though it didn’t end up with neither tapas nor paella. This is what I bought…

I enjoyed my meal. Now I will enjoy my bed this very first night in Spain.

Peace out.

(Though the night doesn’t seem to be peaceful… damn sirens!)