A short summary of the day can be: riding buses!

This day I planned to buy a bus ticket for two days so that I can travel all over city by tourist bus and see everything worth seeing in this city. Before leaving, I decided that Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou were mandatory, and I also had an idea that I wanted to see the Olympic Park and buildings designed by Gaudi / building in the modernista-style. Of course my intention was to document all this by shooting pictures or videos. This was also the day when I decided that I was going to order tapas or paella on a restaurant. Now I can say “been there, done that”! Yay!

But also this day started with a blooper, and I didn’t find out before sitting on a double-decker tourist bus with no roof ready to shoot a picture. Only problem is that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in the camera after transferring the pictures to my laptop. So I took the whole rid with the red route and saw northern Barcelona from the top of a bus. When the route was finished, I went back to the hotel to get my memory card and the off I went to Parc Montjuïc where the Olympic Park is.

I got there in the end, but damn – my stamina sucks!

I saw the Olympic Stadium where the opening ceremony was held (also the home of RCD Espanyol). Here’s couple of pictures of the stadium.

Then I waited for a bus to pick me up, but it just let people off – picking no one up. So I had to wait even longer. Finally a bus came and picked me and some other people up, and off we went. This was the blue route, so I got to see most of southern Barcelona’s tourist attractions. When I finnaly arrived at Placa Catalunya again, I was ready for a new round with the red route. I planned on going to Sagrada Familia to go inside and shoot some pictures. But when I arrived, there were all too many people so I decided that it just had to be good enough with the pictures I’d taken from the outside. Here’s a few of the pictures of the exterior.

And the trip went on, all the way to Camp Nou. I’d already seen it from the outside, but now the time had come to see the inside as well. I expected much as the price was €17! I was not disappointed, I must admit. Here are a few pictures.

After the tour at Camp Nou, the time had come to return to the hotel room to get rid of some of the stuff I was carrying around and then get back out on the streets of Barcelona – La Ramblas to be particular – to get some food. What an athomphere! Just love walking streets like this when darkness comes.

Because I’d already been walking the La Ramblas a few times earlier, I had already picked out a place to go eat. Originally I planned on having tapas, but when I sat down, I changed my mind and ordered Paella Marinara – Paella with seafood. Unlike last night, I forgot to take a picture of the meal. However, I got a picture of the beverage though I bought this one at an Australian pub called Hogan’s afterwards.

After enjoying a pint of Foster’s at Hogan’s, I strolled La Ramblas all the way to it southern end before I went back to my hotel room. In the end of La Ramblas, some street singer guy had a little crowd going as they were singing along with him to the sound of some Bob Marley song. Very nice!

Well. That’s all from my second day in Barcelona.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Tabidibo to enjoy the view of Barcelona. I also plan on going to Sarriá and try some of the local cuisine there, as this is highly recommended. Other than that, I’ll most likely also take the complete blue route, since it’s the last day I can use my bus ticket. Have to take full advantage of it.

Buenos noches.