Last night I didn’t sleep much, and the sleep I did get was really bad. This due my body wanting to vomit… both ways. This resulted in getting up late. When I came outside, I felt better at once. Went down to the sea and felt even better. Once out strolling, I figured I might as well take a walk to the Zoo. Came there at five minutes to five, and closing hour is five… Crap!

The I started walking back towards La Ramblas, with a stop at a café to use their facilities. After this, I sat down waiting for a tourist bus I could join, as was flatbeat and had absolutely no interest in walking back to La Ramblas. The bus drove a different way than yesterday. The reason for this was a protest / demonstration in the streets near Placa Catalunya. It had something to do with money. Isn’t it always like that? At least there was some action. And of course, I must present to you all some pictures of this shitty day.

(I filmed some of it, but I’ll publish the video when I get back because a really bad connection here.)

After watching this protest thing for a few minutes, I decided to go to good old Mackie-D to get something to eat. This resulted in me throwing my jacket after buying a sundae with chocolate. The sundae didn’t want to stay in the cup, so it found out that spreading itself all over my jacket was a good thing. The jacket went in the bin; meaning I only got one jacket left. This just manifests what a crappy day it’s been.

Went to a Farmacia to buy some painkillers on my way back home to the hotel, and some good and cold beverage.

Now I’m listening to Leif Ove Andsnes playing Grieg Ballade opus 24. I’m missing a piano. Wanting to play the piano so bad. I’ve been humming on this piece all day. Way to go, both Leif Ove and Edvard!

This day was crap. Enough said. Hope it will be better tomorrow (at least it doesn’t take much to get better than today).