Our main man, mr. K., is back on track. In a very literal way. Woke up all healthy and well again. The literal part I’ll get back to later on…

The plan for the day was visiting Montserrat. In order to do so, I had to find out where the train left from and which train was the right one. But before doing this demanding job, breakfast was definitely needed! And what better place to enjoy this lovely meal than Hard Rock Café? I’ve been on a Hard Rock Café once before – in Berlin. There I had the so-called «legendary hamburger» – and let me tell you all: it IS legendary! Ordered the same thing here… for those of you who know me well, you’d all say that my apetite is rather… good. With this in mind: I actually felt full just after eating half the meal! Proper food, that’s for sure! And my, oh my, such cute waitresses! All the cool guitars from well-known artist came in the shadow of them. Good times – yeah!

Here are some pictures for y’all. (There are plenty more where they come from, but can’t upload them all. But I mention: Bob Dylan’s, Keith Richards’, Tom Petty’s and Jimi Hendrix’ guitar and also Taylor Hawkins’ (Foo Fighters) drumkit.)

After finishing my meal and smiling to the waitresses a last time, I left to gather the information needed to travel to Montserrat – the hillside monastery. The tourist information lady was very helpful and offered me a travelcard at the cost of €22,50. This card would cover my travel with metro, train and cable car. She was also kind enough to inform me that the trip lasted for at least 4 hours. Thank you very much, tourist lady!

The trip with the metro wasn’t too long. Only two stops from my hotel to Placa Espanya. When I got there I was all confused, because it wasn’t just easy finding my way through the maze of the hallways in the metro system. So I went out in the open air and asked some police officers who kindly showed me the way. When I got to the platform, the train had left just 1-2 minutes ago, so I had an hour of waiting before the next part of the trip could start. From now on and all the way to the train station in Montserrat, I did sudoku. Me the geek – I know (but guess who’s getting real good at it?).

For those who didn’t get it: this was the «back on track literally» part…

At the cable car station, I looked up the mountain side and saw something looking like buildings and I saw a yellow spot way up the hillside. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

After returning to Barcelona – now in darkness – I decided to have buy some postcards and send to a small selection of people before I took a stroll on La Ramblas. Here I had the most amazing moment during the whole trip! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I couldn’t keep the memory and show it to you people. But these stand-still street artist (know what I mean?) posing like various creatures were «impersonated» by this elderly, drunk guy. I guess he felt very happy when making his own little protest against these people, probably after being fed up with them for quite some time (he’s not the only one!).

Sitting along the streets just observing people is great and very inspiring. After having this increbidly amusing time-out, I decided to head back to the hotel. Luckily, my trip back home was interrupted by a sign saying «Real Madrid vs. Liverpool». I just had to go in! A pub called Queen Vic (apperently a British one?), showed the Champion’s League match. I’m happy to say that Liverpool won a well deserved victory!

Now the time was 10:30 PM, and it was time to head back to «base camp».

In the bed now. Tired. Probably going to do some sudoku until I fall asleep.

Buenos noches.