Last full day in Barcelona.

The day started off at some pita place for some breakfast. Then I just had to do something about my longing for playing the piano! So now I have played Edvard Grieg’s Ballade opus 24 in Barcelona as well! Good times!

After this, the quest for cultural glory went on to Opera Liceu. A quick tour around the building (only lasted 20 minutes), but still it made an impact! It makes it more impressive when you get to know that the whole building burnt down in 1994! Here you can see some of its grace (we weren’t allowed to shoot pictures in the main auditorium):

Now the time had come to finally visit our animal ancestors in the zoo! Felt like Ace Ventura. Unfortunately, I was unable to communicate with the animals, but I felt a certain connection with the jaguar: when I turned my back at it to film the ducks / goose, it started making some strange, loud sound! The ducks had to be filmed as a tribute to the Mong aka Mongster K. Sex. Only bad thing is that I didn’t get to see dolphins doing acrobatic and artistic stuff in the pool, but I did see some of them swimming in a tank… (Snowflake? Snoooowflake?)

Well. Much easier – and of course better – showing some pictures instead of words:

Along Passeig de Colom (back to the hotel), I noticed that the temperature was 21ºC. Lovely. While walking along this street, I took some pictures. Here you have a few ones…

Good, old Chris-C aka Christopher Columbus
The Lobster (designed by the man who made the 1992 Olympic logo)
World Trade Center (according to Barcelona)

(updated after homecoming)

In the evening I felt like having some Spanish style food – in other words taste some tapas. I got three tapas: tuna salad, potatoes with some spicy sauce / dressing thing and a third thing whose name I don’t know – but it sure was good! These were the starters. Main course was a pizza with ham, mushrooms, salami and mozzarella. Lovely. This, in addition to a glass of white wine (which was just OK), cost €8,50. Fantastic offer I just couldn’t turn down!

Auf Wiedersehen!