Last day! Got up at around nine to get some breakfast. Have only had breakfast at the hotel one day earlier – for a reason… crappy stuff! But still – it’s food, and I needed just that!

Clever as I am, I had already packed my stuff the evening before, so I had a little time to stroll around the streets for some last purchases and taking a few more pictures if needed. I also wanted to buy an ice cream before leaving. Had to get it in a shop since the stand on Passeig de Colom was still closed.

Next thing up was getting some brown scottish brew. Found a bottle of Lagavulin 16 at the cost of €48,50. Doesn’t get much cheaper than this – not even in the duty free (cost about €70 at Schipol, and at Stavanger airport they don’t even have it!). For my father, I got a Famour Grouse (which he had given me money to buy). While I bought my brother a cup with motives of various monuments in Barcelona. I’d already bought this candle kind of thing for my mother at Montserrat.

Then it was time to get my things and find a cab. Time to leave. I have €27,85 left. Based on the cab ride the day that I came, I thought this would do. But no. It cost an extra €5 this day. Don’t know why. The piece of driving was just as long. Well. Since I couldn’t pay by card, the driver had to accept my economic shortcoming and wish we a pleasant flight.

The airport in Barcelona was big and a bit confusing, but I managed to find my way around and finally geting my luggage checked in. Once I passed the security, I entered the «shopping mall». I decided to buy an extra little thing for my father, one he hadn’t paid for himself. So I bought him a chorizo! Other than that, I just bought myself something to eat to live through the day. Went to a restaurant called La Pausa (if I’m not entirely mistaken), and had hot hors d’ouevres, which was mainly pasta and paella.

Then, at 5 PM, I boarded the plane, and from now on and the following 5 hours, I spent my time sitting in planes!

When arriving at Stavanger airport, my father was waiting to pick me up. First we went to my parents’ place so that I could give them their gifts. Of course they gave me food (as in pizza), which was just perfect because I was now hungry again (though it was about 11 PM). Then he took me back home to my own place.

Vacation over. I’d had a good time during these days in Barcelona, and I can really recommend you people going there if you haven’t already been there (if you have – then you’d probably like to back some day).

Back to life…