After celebrating Christmas Eve in more or less traditional Norwegian manner, the time had come to leave the whole Christmas behind and go to Africa – Morocco to be specific.

The plane was supposed to leave at 12.45 PM, but didn’t leave before 1.30 PM due to weather related problems in Amsterdam. Guess they aren’t used to snow and winds down there…? The flight was fine despite this. No turbulence, just a nice looking woman in the neighboring seat at my right. After a few hours of waiting, and a good meal in Amsterdam (at Schipol airport), the trip continued with a flight to Paris – to the huge, silly and boring airport Charles de Gaulle. Two dull hours later, the plane was about to take off for the next flight – for the flight that would leave Europe. This flight was also a little delayed due to weather conditions in Casablanca, which was easy to understand during the descent to Mohammed V airport in Casablanca: Lightning after lightning was to see all across the sky. It was quite an experience watching this natural firework from the plane to the sound of Beethoven’s 6th symphony! Amazing!

One hour after scheduled time, the plane landed in Casablanca, after which yet 30 minutes were spent waiting for the luggage to come.

At 2.05 AM (Norwegian time), it was finally time to sleep – 14-15 hours after leaving home for this journey. The following day was going to be a continuation of the travelling from this first day…