The day started off in Casablanca. A weird breakfast at the hotel, and then it was time to take a cab to one of the train stations in this biggest Moroccan city.

Compared to Norwegian prices, this was a very cheap train ticket! The local train between Stavanger and Sandnes costs 40 kroner – for a one-way-ticket. This was a 3,5-hour-ride – and the price was about 90 kroner! Well – the comfort of this train matched the price level. Despite this, it was a nice train ride. Moroccan people are nice, hospitable, helpful and friendly. They recommended places to visit and stuff to eat, in addition to reminding which station to get off at!

Arriving in Meknes, the first really great experience happened as Rim stood waiting and we shared a massive hug! From now and the rest of the day, we would just hang out in Meknes eating and seeing places and buildings.

The temperature was nice, though it was supposed to be winter here at this time of year. Coming from snow in Stavanger, this was summer. I guess quite a few people were staring at this weird guy walking around wearing t-shirt, while all the others had their jackets on.

Good times – even better times – were to come!