Waky, waky.

Rise and shine!

Up early. Breakfast. And then meet Rim in the lobby. Outside, the sun is shining and there’s a really nice temperature! After a short walk from the hotel, we get to a place with lots of old Mercedeses. These are taxis, and they don’t leave before they’re filled up with 6 passengers + driver. Seven people! If you’re having problems with intimacy – do NOT do this!

This taxi took us for a drive to Moulay Idriss – the fifth holiest city in Islam. Five visits to Moulay Idris is the same as one visit to Mekka. It was a lovely city, with nice, narrow streets! Here’s a few pictures (since pictures can say so much more than words):

After this, we went to Volubilis. Great historical site. You can say what you want about the Romans, but what they did back then is no less than impressive! And yet again – pictures say more than words:

Other than this, it was a perfect day! Thank you, Rim! 😀