Monday 28 Dec at about 11 AM it was time to visit another city recommended by a guy at the train from Casablanca to Meknes. This city was Fes. And like most people, I think of the Fez character from «That 70s show» when I hear the name of this city. They have nothing in common.

We were going to see the old part of Fes – the Medina – because the «new» Fes is like most other cities.

The first thing that struck me when we arrived Fes, was the beautiful train station. Not like the dull Norwegian ones. The next thing was how long it took us to get a taxi. Once this was done and we had arrived to the Medina of Fes, the thing that struck me immediately, was the smell. It smelled like manure. And my, was I right! The sewer was running openly in the river through the Medina. It literally smelled like shit! The smell was such, that you never really got used to. Suddenly there was a scent of shit in the air, and the feeling of throwing up wasn’t far away.

Shit aside – the Medina was like a maze. I cannot understand how a little boy, who guided us, actually was aware of his whereabouts. Nonetheless, we were shown around everywhere. I bought some carpets as a gift for my mother and we had tajine – classic Moroccan cuisine. Pictures can be found further down.

On our way back, we were two minutes late of a train, so we had to wait for almost one hour. But we filled the time with… nice stuff! 🙂 And then this is what I really remember this day for.

Again – thank you, Rim!


Fes train station
Wonderful Moroccan food
Moroccan carpets
Guy making carpets, with no «recipe» – just improvised
Lots of people manually colouring fabric
Vast amounts of TV antennas – in the Medina


Narrow streets of the Medina in Fes