This was the day of departing Meknes. Unfortunately.

But – luckily – it was arranged that Rim was to join the trip to Casablanca, so that we could be together this last day too. The deal was that we were going to meet at La Gare Lekbir at 4 PM. At 4.15, Rim was yet to show up, and I was starting to fear that she wouldn’t come when finally – at 4.20 – she was there! 🙂

We had a nice train ride to Casablanca, though we had a bad arrival at the hotel. Very bad indeed. It’s so bad, that if you’re ever in Casablanca – do NOT stay at Hotel Transatlantique! I was treated in a not so good way, but Rim was treated with disrespect and humiliation! Also, we were given crappy rooms! I went straight to the man in charge at the hotel (at least he was for this evening) and had a long and serious talk to him, and made him understand that the way the guys in the reception had treated Rim, is NOT a way to treat people no matter what! So he went and yelled at them and disciplined them. Also, he gave us new and good rooms!

And what did we learn from this? Standing up for yourself helps!

After things had calmed down a bit, we went for a walk during which Rim had a long talk to her friend who was a good support and inspiration for her. Back at the hotel we sat for hours just talking, hugging and kissing. Time of my life!

Thank you for a lovely evening, Rim!