From the very start I knew

Growing each day

Every word

Every question

Every advice

Every conversation

It gave strength

To what I already knew


It was you

When we first met

Everything fell into place

The puzzle was solved

I had finally found the answer

And had it confirmed


It really was you


I can close my eyes

And bring you back

You – the way you looked

All the tastes and smells

And all that can’t be put into words


It was definitely you


But it couldn’t be you

It couldn’t be us

Distance was never our friend

Still, we kept in touch

Though rarely and less frequent

But inside of me

The fire was still burning

Seeing your name or

Some picture of you

Would spark the flame


It is you


I am still certain

That I was right back then

Even more certain

Than I was

And I know you’ve asked me

To close and bolt the door

That now it is for good

And I know I told that I was fine

But sorry

Because honestly, that was a lie


Because you are the one

I know for sure

It’s genuine

It’s true

The love of my life is you

The love that can not be

The love that tears my heart apart

The love that makes me cry


For you are now

The last love of mine

As the switch you did find

Has now been turned off


It was you and is you


The last love of my life