I thought that I knew you

I thought I could trust you

You, my hope; my dream


But you faded away

Never showing your face

As I saw nothing but your back


How could I ever trust in you

When you can’t even be here?

You’ve sent me off to nothing – alone


Though I thought it impossible

My hopes and dreams all died

Because of


You that have betrayed my trust

You that have betrayed my faith

You that have forsaken my heart

You whose face I never saw


It’s a feeling I’m unable to describe

I can’t understand why

The bright light no longer shines

There, behind your eyes


I thought

You meant

So much to me


But now, when I dream,

It’s not of you

And when I wake

I know what to do:


I have to let you go

And stay away from you

I have to let you go

And find the way back

To myself again