I knew there was something that I had to do

Because there’s something that I need to tell you


In the old days they used to write a letter

But I thought this idea would be even better


So I picked up my phone and I started talking

Because I have no ink and paper present when walking


But the main reason is I find it easier to say

What I can’t put into writing every single day


And trust me, I’ve been trying to tell you for quite some time

But the idea never struck me of putting it on rhyme


Because it makes it so much easier to get the message through

When I have to admit that I’m crazy about you


And I get the feeling it’s not reciprocated

But it’s OK – I’m not devastated


I can’t help but thinking how cool it would be

If someone like you fancied someone like me


So I’m still dreaming with my fingers crossed

For as long as you live, all hope’s not lost


After such a remarkable impression you’ve made

So strong and vivid and unwilling to fade


It’s no wonder what’s happened, but still it’s true:

I’m head over heels – I’m all into you