I went to see

If what once was

Still is alive


Modern families


No conversations

And conversations about nothing

The offspring disapproving everything



With her head in the screen

And that’s how their days go

Dancing to Brazilian beats

The dance of capoeira

In the heat

The intense heat


Still wondering if it’s there

Or if it’s gone

Or dead


And the laughter

The smiles


The smells

Of bouillabaise


The brat that ruins

The athmosphere


I should change

My habits; bad habits

I should live healthier

But for what? For whom?

My life is no good to me


Water. Water and shape

You know the right shape when you see it

And I see it a lot


Clothes make a person


It’s all about wrapping


Stuff wrapping

Shallow shit

I want the essence


Cold and dark

Not the essence

But close

It gets the job done

Fasting in these conditions

That can’t be good

For anything else than

Extreme self-discipline

And madness

But if two were one

I would support it


The sea

Something would be missing in my life

If I had to move away from the sea

Obviously, the sea would be missing

Still, you get the point

There something very special about the ocean


Less of an obstacle than

Fear of speaking

Fear of failing

And unwritten cultural codes

That no one has written down

But still, they’re there

And the aliens act as if they’re home

Thus came stereotypes to be


You throw the first stone – at yourself


When intelligence is in the way of reason

When white chocolate is no longer desireable

When the chocolate colour is as good as it gets

And the list goes on


I still wonder if it’s there

I sure hope so

I guess the given circumstances

Don’t help

Would it be different if circumstances were different?

Oh, the wondering


Is it me?

Is it both?

Is it just what time does to things?

And distance…

Home is where your heart is

And your heart is always where you are

Home is everywhere

Everywhere is home


Why do you remove your most remarkable feature?


You slave

You let others dictate

Who and how you are

Screw the facade

Screw fashion

Or be scrrewed yourself

Sad but true




And desireable

Damn, I’m sorry


White and with tiny holes

Cools me down

Cools me up


Cold water in need of warm makes sense

Cools me down too

And cheaper


Halal tastes different compared to non-halal



Curious is sometimes a curse

Most of the letters are the same

Coincidence? Think not


Food after 9 PM

Mentos chocolate prior to this


Friendly cat with a lot of trusen new people

Rubbing the face and body against my legs and feet


Then a little claws and teeth



Eggs, crepes and cucumber

French and Arabic in surround

English in Dolby stereo

Norwegian muted

Phone ringing

Me on mute


Enough now

It’s been a long day

Hot as hell