To choose



To administrate

Your own time


Expect respect

For choices

For time

Show the same respect

For other people’s time

And choices


The feeling of having

My freedom


My choices

And my time

Not being respected

Has led me

Closer to the conclusion



And people

Is more important than anything

The two most

Valuable resources we have

The only true resources we have


My impression is that

Being in a relationship

Is about drawing up limits

Saying what not to do

And expecting a lot

Never about what both can

Contribute with

What new, great unit two people can make

When they combine their forces

Instead of wasting energy

By saying no


By not respecting each other’s time

By disregarding the choices of the other

Because they don’t match your preferences

Trying to change another person

Before having made an effort trying to change oneself


No, I will not have the frames of my choices limited

I will not accept being told what I should choose

I never tolerate any attempt of chanong me

Without first having the one demanding the change

Search oneself and show the capability of

Making the first move; being the example

Before throwing the first rock


The idea of having

A personal CEO

Running the business

That is my life

Is simply reason enough

For me to say

That the search for an

Amorous relationship

Has now ended


No howevers

No unlesses

No ifs


No more

It was never meant for me

I was never made for it


Leave your

So-called sympathy

For someone else


Au revoir. Bonne nuit