Everything was done last night

The list was fully checked


A lovely morning bath

A bottle of water


Dropping by Vieux-Port

For a last time


About the travel

Because of the transfer

From Orly to Charles de Gaulle

CdG – the airport I dread

The most


Street shop (or whatever…)
Terrace in French

Back to La Timone

Breakfast from some place on the street

Panini with cheese, ham and tomato


The last online check in the hotel lobby

Distracted by a lovely lady

Vis-à-vis me

She leaves

I head for the room, for the luggage

Checking out


A long journey

Starting with the last trip (for now) with Le Métro

Bus-ride to the airport. 31 degrees (Celsius)

Too early to check in

Time for food and toilet

Then check-in

Extremely helpful and polite lady at the check-in

Preparing me for what’s ahead


Crappy airport in Marseille

Shitty stores. The very few there are

Shitty food

And wifi connection from Hell

Seems like my day in Hell started with this wifi


Paris Orly. Nice little airport

Easy to find your way around the place

Easy to get a ticket for the bus to CdG

Goddamn bus

Goddamn CdG


A friend has challenged me

Get to CdG from Orly

Then check in and

Get food (apparently he’s supposed to have said «find a restaurant»… whatever)


Bus shows up

Takes a long time

In Paris traffic

Rush hour

Taking so long

Too long

Running out of friggin’ time


Bus stops between terminal 2E and 2F

I need to get to 2G

Bus 2N takes me there

In the speed of a snail

I will hopefully make it

In the nick of time


Running out of the bus

Hoooooot outside

A woman helps stressed-out me

The guy at the check-in tries to calm me down

Makes me smile

Says everything will be fine


He is right

Restaurants sell food
Sandwiches are food
I think I did it

I made it

I checked in

In the nick of time


Remembering the challenge

Buying a bottle of water and some sandwiches

Apparently not accepted


Waiting for boarding time

Which is announced 20 minutes prior to boarding


The end of a horrible day of traveling

Is about to reach its end


Knowing this plane is a small one

I expect one with propellers

However, it is a jet plane

The smallest jet plane

I have travelled with so far

Small jet for 80 passengers



This dreadful and long journey

Has finally come to an end


I survived the transfer from Orly to CdG

I survived CdG

I failed the challenge


Doesn’t matter


I succeeded in getting home


Good night