Hard at first

But eventually

It’s too hard to fight it

The body gives in


And then the signal

Too early. Too damn early


Time. We should have more time at our hands


Easing up

I can feel it

I can see it

But never the same

Black and hot

Facing the wrong way

Black and white

Makes me happy. Makes me smile

In a world of her own

Musical world

Stomping the beat



Music is the keyword of today

Good planning can sometimes be smart


And then noon


Before that – non-scientific research


Less blue


I think it’s OK

Of course it is. Of course


Do we all just long for stability?

What of we can’t – or won’t – find?

Is it llke a piece of the puzzle that won’t fit

But still belongs in the puzzle?

Should the puzzle or the piece be adjusted?


Come clouds and a draft

For a brief moment

Come morning

And the smell of fresh seafood


All my freedom

All my possibilities

All my liberties

All my privileges

They come at a price

That others have to pay


Why do we so easily accept



Why do we forget that

We are a part of something

That we own together?

We need to protest and help each other

Good deeds even out

Where will the other ones be

When the greedy needs help?

Who would like to share

With the one who is unfamiliar

With the concept of sharing?

Forget not

What you give is what you get

Occasional drops of rain

Who would guess?

Well, perhaps those

Who check the weather forecast


Stimulate the senses

We have them

We need them

And we actually love them


The fresh smells; fruits, fish, vegetables, food

The colours, oh the colours

The sounds, the athmosphere

They are all here

In a symphony of the senses

In the steeets

Here. Not in the place called home


Have we become too busy to


Are we too occupied?

With nonsense

Occupied with being occupied

Busy for the sake of being busy


Our senses are forced to hibernate

As we occupy ourselves with misconceptions

And then spend our money

On what can stimulate our senses

We have lost ourselves

And the beauty of being humans

Humans – a superbly magnificent product of nature

Drown in the sounds

Of what destroys helps ruining

The fragile system that is

The Earth


Purchase power

Growth and greed

Always asking what

Objects. We have become objects

To buy. To sell

You are a living campaign poster

For yourself

Yourself Inc.

We & Us Inc. is going bankrupt

And no one seems to care


Perfect temperature for thinking

Critical thinking

And thinking of toilets

For practical reasons

Public toilets. A good thing

Good things are rare around here

At least such good things


The drivers here must have been made at the same factory

Loud Drivers Ltd.

They all make the same sounds and gestures

And they all say the same four-letter word


Modern zombies ride segways

Top Gear zombies ride them too fast

The rest of us use this great invention of nature

Called legs

Which sometimes hurt

Then the act of sitting down

Will do good

And it does


Funny how the Doppler effect is much easier to hear

In this place than home


And the classic sailboats which were so numerous back home

Now seem to be like an extinct specie

In a city that survives because of the use of boats

While here, they remember their heritage

But hey, who cares about traditional and heritage?

Welcome to 2014

To the real world

The modern world

The world of technology

And the people scared of the changes that come with the new technology

What I think?

What I mean?

What my stand is?

Stop caring about

What I think and mean

Care about your own thoughts and meanings

Sort this out for yourself


And have a stand of your own

Own it!


Why are we constantly looking for

And talking about partial perfection?

The word or makes us forget about

The greatest of and

Exterior or interior?

Yes, please. And the rest – what you can’t describe

The x-factor

What you recognize when it happens

When sparks suddenly appear


Isn’t wage supposed to be the employer’s way of

Compensating you for using time to work there

And a way of showing gratitude for the simple reason

That you let your employer have the benefits of your

Competence and skills?


Random acts of kindness

Witnessing them almost feels

As good as actually doing them


Being called names can be a pain in the hole

Weird stuff when you actually get a new name

As an English-speaking customer with a weird Norwegian name

Being French and writing my name is a challenge

So – hi, I’m John

Lost in translation

The insanity is complete when a boat

Including the engines

Is considered as rather big

But looks like a dingey next to the boat

It belongs to

Mirror, mirror… in the… roof

Don’t we all just love seeing people upside down?

No, wait… wasn’t it that we love spying on other people?

Look yourself in the mirror and tell is what you see

Is it worth being spied on for?

Don’t do another person’s paid job

Do you put your price in what you do?

If not, then ask yourself why

Why are you actually doing it?

No matter the job you do –

Put your pride in it!


And I think what was

Has changed

Like most other changes

It hasn’t turned neither better noe worst

It’s just different

Unfortunately, I think it to be


Luckily, I’m able to get

Joy, pleasure and fun out of it

Like always


An eel

Sometimes, I just want to be

An eel

Metaphorically speaking of course

Just slip through


A stealth eel

Combined with «a fly on the wall»


Things aren’t always what they seem

Today, belts reminded me of this


And then

A poor little boy hit a pole

His eyes didn’t quiet cooperate

With his sense of direction

It sucks, the feeling of

Going the right way

Then your eyes steal the show

Turning your head another way

And boom!


Calling off the fast

Not the joyful consequences

But the agony

Nothing wrong with cherry-picking

We all do it

We all hate when others do it

Oh, the hypocrisy

Blessed be the white lies

Screw conscience

Or was the other way around?

Hm. Screw both? Bless both?

Does it really matter?


The comedy goes on


And the sea

I love the sea