Saturday living up to its

Norwegian meaning

Clean and tidy


The sleep was well

After weirdness

Ended up with

The air also being cleaned


So, the premises

Are set

The athmosphere

Improved significantly

Too rarely we ask why

And how

Because we fear the answers?

Because the answers takes time?

Because the answers force us ro think?

Because we know this kind of answers make us have to change?

How we dislike change…


Loose ends. What we all have at least two of

The meaning of this voyage

College a few of them and

Make sense of it

The puzzle is coming to and end

A conclusion (or is it a closure?)

Is near

Or already here


Hm. Answers. Why are we all so focused

On the answers

When it’s all about asking the right questions?

The consequence of asking the right question

Is a good answer

That’s some fine consequence


Six strings and some wood

Joy and smile

And music shall unite us

This wonderful way of

Pleasing our senses

This superb way of expressing

Our innermost feelings

And our craziest ideas

And of course,

Uniting people

Wish you were here

The motivation

For learning

For doing something

You’ve never done before

We all have that cute expressionIg our face

When concentrating

When the brain is processing all

This new and different


We should spend more of

Our lives

In this mode

More time in the learning zone

The comfort zone is stagnation

No developement nor change

Has ever been made in the comfort zone

Get out!

Bring the child in you

And do things that seems without

Any logical explanation

To none other than yourself


Solidarity and sympathy

With the innocent victims

Lost of people came to the street

Both home and here

Especially here

Loud and steady they shout for justice

With noen of the aggrssors here to listen

Will they ever hear our voices?

Will they ever listen to reason?

What a difference some homemade

Ice cream made

Why care so much about healthy stuff?

Why count calories?

You live this one time

Make the most of it

Count moments that increase your

Life quality

Like that moment you had that great ice cream

Followed by a good, cold beer

And a wonderful Italian pizza with anchovies

And lovely cheese

No one (that we know of) has survived like so far

So live your life to the max!


Free yourself from expectations

Free yourself from limitations

The process is the goal

Good times are happening while

You carry out the plans

You think will make you have a good time


Trapped in plans


You can’t edit your past

But you can make the most of this moment

To change the future


You be the change