Driving through history

Geological history

Earth’s own story

Just passing it. Ignorantly

No time to stop

And grasp the moment

You visit your neighbour

And you get new experiences

That you like

You bring it back home

But it doesn’t work out well

Because the basics weren’t there

The basics. The right culture

The one that must be there

Everything isn’t compliant

By default

Or because you want it to be

Forgot about circumstances, did we?


Alone in the company of other people

Possible or a contradiction?

Being alone and being lonely

Is definitely not the same

Silence is absolutely worse than




A fly on the wall

An endless wall

Doing the only thing that you can do

In such a setting



Observing is a great way of

Shaping yourself;

Ethics and morals

Attitude and behaviour

Take the time

Sit down

Do nothing

But observe

As the most incredible play in the world

Is taking place right in front of you


In all its beauty


Make up your own stories

To what unfolds in front of you


Nothing is worth everything

We have forgotten all about the value of doing nothing

Of disconnecting

You will do everything better

If you do more nothing

Put everything aside

And just do what you truly want to

Let go of your worries

And be free

Catholic mass

I feel a little sorry for them

As they complain about how dreadful sinners they are

How they live miserable, unworthy lives

And how they hope that this invisible creature

Will forgive them

Absolution hallelujah amen


However, I do think their buildings look amazing

The architecture

The resonance in the halls


A live fire

Is just as relaxing as

The ocean

Even better when it’s being used for making

Fantastically good food

Right in front of you

As you wait for it

And what a symphony

Symphony no. 1, opus 44

Movement I. Veggies:





Red cabbage


And lots more

With wonderful «dip»

Movement II. Meat:

Beautiful, tender meat

Covered in some wonderful sauce

Homemade fries

Movement III. Finale: Dessert

Vanilla I’ve cream covered in lovely chocolate sauce

Lovely place

With people dropping their tomatoes on the floor

Such a waste of good food

And oh, the famine and starvation in the world

And oh, the amounts of fresh food, all good to use,

We throw away

Watch yourself making your children

Into small adults

Don’t be cruel

Don’t take their childhood from your children

They need it

Watch your daughters

How they dress

Why do you accept it?

Would you like to walk around looking like that

At age 11?

Yes? Then wake up! And the best of wishes for your daughter’s future

No? Well, there’s hope, I asure you. Just open your eyes and then act!


The carriage returned silently to the castle

It’s a wrap, they implicitly concluded


They wrote nighty

And added a smiley


Good night


PS! Watch out! A marriage is coming to get you!