A home

Somewhat a box

Where everyday life takes place

Waking up in the very center of the home universe;

The living room

Of other people

Makes me feel weird

Especially when it’s quite far away from my own home

Different rules

There’s no bending or violating the rules

Simply out of respect for

The people letting me into their lives and

Letting me live there for free

No matter how long the stay

Power and wealth

Should be spread and shared

Doesn’t both the past and the present tell us

That if a very few people have too much

Power and wealth at their hands,

Something will – sooner or later – go wrong?

And of course, one should always wonder just

How did these people get to have all this money and power?


Seeing a boat the size of a small cruiseliner

Knowing it’s owned buy one single person

In my eyes, this proves that something is wrong with the world

And these luxury yachts are, as I see it,

The symbol of much of what has gone wrong


I’m no longer impressed by these boats

Much bigger than a shuttle boat

Meant for transporting a

Relatively large number of people

And extremely much bigger

Than the large box that i call home


Makes me wonder

Where did it all go wrong?

Italian food art – the pizza

Proper Italian pizza


And no tomato sauce stain

Is going to ruin this happy moment

This party for the tongue

Simple solution

Get a new shorts


How moods so rapidly can change

From silence and introversion

And a body language that

Clearly says that something’s wrong

To a vivid smile and enthusiastic talk

In just seconds


It’s wonderful how the most trivial thing

Can make someone so incredibly happy

And how food, especially good food

Can be such a perfect ice-breaker


At the same time, it’s heartbreaking to witness

How talking about oneself and one’s everyday life


Can make someone so sad


How can people witness such sadness and

Not be affected?

How can they avoid to offer their support?

They should go see a geologist to get

Their diagnosis


We need hope

We need dreams

We need to see something positive in our future

We must know that rewards are ahead

Why trust a rumour?

Why trust that the stereotypes are correct?

How can you blindly trust another person’s judgement?

What if the others are wrong?


What if it turns out that the middle-aged guy

Looking like a biker

With his long, grey hair


Quite a belly


Is the most caring and loving person you can imagine?

What if it turns out

That the two of you have no other language in common

Than what you can communicate with your eyes and bodies

Yet still he notices that «I’m so thirsty!»

Is written all over you

The moment he sees you?


And what if the French girl actually doesn’t judge you and

Dislike you

Because of your non-existing ability to speak and understand

Her language

Because, as it turns out, her English is quite good?


And then remember that we’re all basically

The same;

You are being judged by

Your looks

Your clothes

Your voice

Your eye colour

Your ears

Your hair

Your smile

Your language

Your skin colour

Your name

And so forth

Just like you do with everyone else

No, you say? Stuff your naivity and

Stop justifying yourself


You should rather

Go do something with your prejudice


Exposing yourself to people

Especially those different to yourself

The more different the better

Open your eyes, your mouth and your mind

Talk to other people

And stop being so damn blue-eyed

And stop being such a blonde

Expressing yourself using a brush and a canvas

That takes a lot of skill and

Requires some special qualities

And, above all, it takes loads of


You really must have a lot

To say

A lot on your mind and

In your heart

So much, that you’re willing (and able) to

Express yourself through

Some kind of picture


I try my very best to

Break through your wall of

Messages and codes

(Though there might not be any of the kind)

Looking at your work, o artist,

I constantly keep asking myself

«What is it that you want me to see, to realize? What are you trying to tell me?»

I hope that some day

I will be able to reach this new level of understanding

It feels good and

It feels right

The way we hang out together now

(Or was it just because it was the weekend?)

Though it seems you have an issue with

My silence

With me disconnecting from the world and

Drifting away into my own world

To sort things out

To deal with what’s on my mind

To process a ton of new impressions

To fight some demons


We all do this. You do it too

That’s why I get so quiet sometimes

Because it seems you’re at the same place

Then my experience tells me not to disturb


Jazz – the perfect soundtrack to my mind

Full of love and life and hope

With few and wide limitations

Free and genuine

Life-loving and happy

Gloomy and melancholic

Progressive and syncopated

Yet steady and easy-going

Rain came

Washed away some plans

Not too good news

Became an obstacle

But nothing that can’t br


Change of plans and obstacles are


We should learn to embrace challenges

They make life exciting

They are the core of all learning


Seeing the street artists of this city

Makes me wish for the same thing at home

A quality increase is highly needed

The potential is great

Students. The ones studying music

They will add a lot of quality

What will it take for such students in Norway

To come out in the streets and

Make our streets a perfect scene for enjoying

The fine art of music?

Not to forget all the great dancers

If you do capoeira (for instance)

Why don’t make a little group of 3-4 dancers

And make a show out of it?


We all need direction in our lives

If not exactly north, south, east of west

Then at least something to work for and an incentive for making it

Various role models

Someone to talk to in order to get feedback

On our opinions and experiences

Just some direction

One direction is better than no direction

Several direction can both be confusing and a strength

Find your direction!