Yet again a tribute to

Alternative thinkers

Those who see sounds and

Hear colours

Those who consider a problem being

A solution in disguise

Those who regard a limitation

A healthy and good challenge

Those who say «well, let’s try»

Where all the rest say no

Those who don’t mind

Those who go against the line

Against common opinion

The rebels


For they are the ones

Who push the world a little bit


Together, they make the world

A better place for the

Rest of us

Clap your hands for the «non-squares»

Clap your hands for flower power

Clap your hands for differences and diversity

Such an old city

With lots of interesting places

To visit

No wonder with the long


You have on your shoulders

Now yet another story can be added

It seems

Though it’s not as long

And not as rich

But the more intense

And close

And genuine


«Love is blindness

I don’t want to see

Won’t you wrap the night

Around me»


Blindness indeed

Reality no longer real; an illusion

Everything said

Everything done

Filtered by your mind

Making a glorified image


The illusion takes the place of reality

When, for a brief moment, the

Filter is out of order

You’re unable to see the truth

As you justify what you

Deep down

Know is wrong

A person on a pedestal


«Love is drowning

In a deep well

All the secrets

And no one to tell»


Looking into the mirror

My honest, truthful self

Is looking back


Asking uncomfortable questions;

The ones I know I should ask

But dare not

The questions

To which I know… we both know

The answers

I try to turn the truth around

To avoid it

But it’s inevitable


It is not heartbreak

Nor a search for sympathy

Nor a way of making drama


It was a search

For answers


It was a way of making

Some sense of it all


It was a way of getting

Things back on track

It is

A relief

That came with a high price


Yet still a relief


I know

I know now

This has to stop


Though I dislike it,

It has to come to an