Hey, Marseille

I woke up thinking about you

I enjoy your company now

Your diversity

Your hospitality

And you respond by giving me

Tons of inspiration

You have made me

Walk paths I never before dared

You have learned me a lesson

About myself

You have shown me that

Beauty can be found everywhere and in



You have willingly showed me

So much of

What you have to offer

I am overwhelmed by your vast history

By the proves found in your very heart

The proves of a rich and proud past

However, I see no future for us

In a few days

Our roads will part

Though I will carry with me

The spirit you have shown me


Thrice in a day

It makes me happy

I leave with a smile

Because it took only

One of them

And I got three

Three incidents in one single day

All of them proving the prejudice wrong


It’s nice being exposed to people

Regular, ordinary people

We need to meet each other

We all want and need to communicate

Despite the language barrier


We make it

And we smile


Because we know

We did it

We did it well



The friendliness

The service

The hospitality

Where you’d least expect it

An attitude not taken out of thin air, but

Because of what you hear

What you’re told from sources you regard as credible

And you think it to be true


Thus creating an «us and them» attitude

A distance

A vertical distance

So prejucidal

So respectless

So wrong

Why is it

Time and time again

That we experience that

The ones we don’t

Identify with

The ones with the most to prove


Often turn out to be

The nicest, most friendly people

And those who are most like ourselves


Are the ones we get most annoyed by

The rude ones

The ones that we complain about

Because we’d «expect more of them»?



Why can’t we get out of this state of extreme


Why can’t people just behave like people

With respect, understanding and an open mind

When meeting other people?

No matter what


Why is it so hard for people to


When we have such strong opinions

About how everyone but ourselves should do it?

Quite some double standard

Body language can easily be misunderstood

If it’s even noticed

Moods aren’t stable

And our references to emotions vary a lot

Using tone of voice as the prime communicative tool

Can cause quite a few challenges

A communicative dead end street

Talking to each other as the intutive communicative tool

Is absolutely to be preferred


Then all the others are secondary

They are contextual

Words can easily be changed

Sentences rephrased

Why can’t we just remember

How we prefer that others communicate with us

And then go execute that ourselves?


Food makes me happy

Water makes me live

Toilets make me work


Tasty food, spicy food

It needn’t be in the hot spicy way (I’d rather it didn’t)

Like a proper Moroccan tagine

Or a proper Italian pizza

Or a wonderful bouillabaise

Oh, joy!


Bring along lots of cold water

I won’t mind if it has a taste of lemon or lime

And you may also make the water «sparkly»

I’ll survive



Why don’t the human rights

Say that everyone should have the right

To have easy access to a toilet?

No person can function without

No replicas

Only original artifacts

Up to five thousand years old

Egyptian, Greek, Roman

From Africa, South America, Oceania


Lucky as you are

You can actually get to


Many of these wonderful greetings from

The history of our cultures

Of human kind

Of our magnificent world


That’s quite massive

For just a moment

Try to comprehend the beauty

Of the fact that

Some thousands of years ago

A person living in Egypt

Or in the Roman empire

Touched… no, made this thing

In front of you


And now you stand here

A long way from Egypt or Rome

Aeons later

Touching what he made

This gift from a time long gone

This marvellous artifact that

Looks as if it was made

Just yesterday


That’s mind-boggling!