Things coming to their final phase


Time for evaluation and

Planning the next period


Weird how vacation

The time when you’re supposed

To be thinking about anything

But your job

Is actually the time when the

Best ideas

Occur to you

The best ideas for improving at your job


Great plans are made

While being totally free

Fully liberated

Far away

From the place you work


Why, then

Are workers

Who are fully capable of doing their job

Even better elsewhere

Being expected to


When they are forced to do so

Under circumstances

That aren’t optimal?

Wouldn’t you prefer doing this

When and where you prefer

As long as you actually do get

Better at what you do?


My best songs have been made

While doing something completely

Different than music

When I’m «off-guard»

Open for whims

Sudden notions that

Start appearing in your mind

It might be an idea for a new invention

A political vision

A wonderful melody

A brilliant phrase

A great new way of teaching science to youngsters


A masterpiece

Creating itself

Giving birth to itself

Through you

In you



The facilitator

Having made

The right circumstances

For magic to happen

For ideas and inspiration

To meet

To unite

To fertilize each other

So that they can


The masterpiece


You, like everyone else

Are unknowingly

An artist waiting

To be

A genius disguised as

A novice