Why the rush?

Why get up fifteen minutes

Earlier in the morning?

Relax. You’ll get your stuff done

With no pressure

You won’t forget anything


When the opposite happens

It sucks

When you think you’re all set

And then,

With no chance to return to «basecamp»‘

You arrive in the city

Ten hours

All alone

Without your wallet


Then why tell someone not to get up

Fifteen minutes earlier?


But I’ll survive

Pen and paper


And as little walking around

As possible

The sea is to blame

The mirror it becomes

For sunlight

Increasing the effect

Of the ultra violet radiation

Thus I became

The lobster boy

Vanilla on the bottom

Then a layer of light chocolate

Then strawberry. The lobster layer

Makes me hot, feels like boiling

Even when in cool places

And, of course

The weird look

More weird than it usually is


But no regrets

For the fresh air

Of the Mediterranean sea

Perfectly refreshing


And the landscape

So dramatic and


Even the sea-sick children

Can’t take my mind away

From these wonderful sights

Seeing the lines

Of geological history

The epic story of our world

Told silently by the stones


Seeing the city

In this landscape

That protects it

Understanding the city’s history

Understanding human history

Feeling how all this history

Makes me feel small and insignificant

And humble

As I absorb these massive impressions

In awe

The impressive buildings

That you see

Especially the older ones

They look beautiful, don’t they?


I guess no one

Even complained

Over them being built

And we don’t complain over the fact

That they’re here today


They are wonderful symbols of

Art and engineering

They are the symbols of the

Highest and finest technology

Of their time


They are what people of that time

Passed on to us future beings


«This is us. Humans of our time.

This is what we achieved.

The very pinnacle of what we could do.



Your common past»

What is the pinnacle of our achievements?

What will be out greeting to future beings?

What will be the symbolic monuments of our time?

Our testimony of the greatness

Of the limitless human mind and fantasy?


Our planet handed on to the

Future beings

In a sustainable condition?

Stable, lasting peace

And respect for human rights?

Landing on Mars?

Burj Khalifa?

What will be our grand cathedrals

Our pyramids

Our hanging gardens

And our Colloseums?