Thanks to:


Starbucks. My provencal provider of open, unstable guest wifi and a safe bet toilet – though too hot. And of course, for having a place to sit up to two hours every morning, writing my crazy story.


H&M. When I needed to buy more socks and boxers, you were my saviour.


Jules. After spilling tomato sauce on my favourite shorts, I found a new, all-white favourite at your place.


The Mediterranean Sea. For helping me get a sunburn.


Women of Marseille. For looking wonderful. Oh, the shape.


History. For making Marseille a city full of diversity and curiosities.


Food. For being so incredibly good in this city.


Hipark Hotel. For having bath tubs and air condition. And a kitchen in every room. With a fridge.


A very special and dear friend. For the hospitality. And fun.