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Musical solo project

K.’s main solo project. The aim of the project is that K. will do all the job himself, and that the musical project will kind of go along with the various book projects.


Musical and artistic solo project

K.’s first and longest living solo project, made for experimenting and musical curiosity.

Høie Johansen


Høie: Keys, vocals, various instruments, lyrics, music, production, mixing, cover art

Johansen: Violin, vocals, various instruments, lyrics, music


Split-up band

Midnatt: Guitars and bass + music and lyrics

Rude Black: Drums and percussion

K.: Vocals, keys, bass, lyrics + music and lyrics

Diagnostic Inc.

Band project

Yet one of the K. solo projects, where K. does everything but the vocals. Songs are made for the singers’ voices.


Musical and political project

Punk Punkersen punk project. The least active VEC project.

The Scarr

Musical and artistic project

The Scarr released its last and final record on the VEC label. There will be no more.


Split-up band (aka Cum in my Face)

Benighted: Vocals, bass, guitars, drum programming, music, lyrics, production and whatnot

Sprelli: Vocals, bass, guitars, keys, drum programming, music, lyrics, production and whatnot