251014: No name

And I’ll make it in the end

My only goal – the one I have


I have abandoned anyone…


I have abandoned all the rest

But I have kept this one all along


I kept it to end it all

I kept it ’cause I knew I could do it


And now, I’m facing it

I feel it – I can do it


Now, come get me

Come claim me

I surrender to you

In the darkness

When unaware


Come take me now

As I am

Waiting, and willing


Ready to go



251014: No name

Just remember yourself

This moment

This second


Never forget it


How you felt

Where you were

And why you were thinking what you were


Never forget yourself

Never forget to be true to yourself

Never forget that getting away is good


Getting away is the only option


The only




041114: Never

I had it and I did it

For you


And I was there

In your arms

In your care


Under your protection

And your company

Safe and sound


And I fell

I fell with a smile


And never again

I came to be myself


Never again

I was myself


Never again

I was



021214: No name
For days and years

For way too long

You have been lurking around

Hiding in the deepest dark of the shadows of my mind

Manipulating me

Convincing me that what I’m doing is wrong

Convincing me that what I do is never good enough

And, weak as I am, I give you control

Though I know I should not

Though I know I should be in control of me


I need someone complimentary to you

To come from outside

And into my head

And hunt you

And to drive you away

To get you out

Of my life

And replace you

With something constructive

And supportive

And positive

Because the way it’s now

I am never above zero


I need to get more than my head

Above the water

I need to get out the water


And be free