180814: No name

Yes, I did

I tried to

And I still do


It was too hard

It was stuck in there

In my mind

In my heart


I couldn’t let go


Then you faded away


And I stood there

Watching you disappear


How you drifted away from me


And I just couldn’t…

Just couldn’t let you go


Too much between us

Too much history


The intensity



260814: No name

Reality’s split

And there

For a moment

The two become one


When you see the accident

And simultaneously see

The worst outcome



260914: Goodbye Love


We have grown apart

You and I


We had this bond

This long-lasting friendship

Or so I thought it was


But I realize now that

There was no mutuality

It was no symbiosis


It was


It was a one-way thing

It was



I’m glad to leave you now

The connection is cut


And now

We’re through


I’ve said it before

But I wasn’t able to do it

To go through with it


But now

Now I’m ready to take the step

The final step


And close the door behind me



121014: No name

When I see you

I want to touch you


But what I touch

It turns to stone

Or to dust


But you’re standing there

As vivid as ever

As tempting as ever


But I don’t want to destroy you

So I keep my distance

And I hope for the best


And always

I love you



121014: Goodbye

It’s over

I see it now



Other people

The other ones

They don’t know what they’re talking about


It’s over

I see it now

You’ve made me realize


And now I’ve made the change

It’s over


A big, fat black line

Has been drawn over it

To say

It’s over


I understand that it is


I don’t like it

But I accept it


And it’s over


Thank you

For making me realize


And thank me

For realizing it





121014: Over

Well yeah, I know I did

But you did too


Thing is

I didn’t try to get away from it;

I stood there

In my way, trying to make it happen

Trying to make it work

But you never did


At least that’s the way I saw it


Perhaps – just perhaps

I was too much in my own bubble


Living in my own sphere

I didn’t see your signals

I didn’t pick them up


And I’m sorry

I’m bad at that


And perhaps I can’t accuse you

Of being equally bad

Because it might happen

That I’m bad at giving signals as well


But still

But still, yes

Yes, I do

It was always you


And now

I’ve settled

I’ve settled with the fact that

Me and you

Or me and anyone

Isn’t going to happen


And I see it’s for the best

Because you turned me into a stone

A cold, emotionless stone


Because you were the one

You were THE one

And you were the last one

And now I’m done


Because it was you or no one

And that’s the only way it could be

Because you were the one

And you are the one


And that’s how it was

And that’s how it is