I just want to stay


Out here

In the clear

And cold

November night with you


Walking along the streets

The endless, lifeless streets

Where darkness is torn apart

By the shine of the street lights


Windows – the theatres of life

Only light. No motion. No life

No one home

Buildings left cold and alone


The cars driven by detached people

Not people. Only persons. Entities

Occupied with themselves

Regardless of the world around them


But here I am

With you

Oh! Sweet, fantastic you

You that will never leave me

You that can never leave me

For my heart is filled with you

Only you


Red lights pass me

Still no acts in the windows

Dead. They’re dead. Inside


No light in their eyes

No magic in their smiles

No truth in them

And darkness. Endless darkness


A darkness in which

I cannot be a part

As they have never

And will never

See the beauty that so

Vividly lives in darkness


Alas! I feel sorry for you

Stone-hearted people


Luckily, there is you

To whisper in my ear

Your voice still so alive

Bringing peace and calm

To my soul


While they

They sit there

Staring with their dead eyes

Onto the pictures

Of rapidly changing colours

Brainless rubbish


Like them


If they could only take a moment

And listen to you


With their eyes closed

In darkness