For I know not now

What I didn’t say

But still, you heard it…

You think


And I imagine how

You must feel

However stripped of emotions you are


For you can’t utter

What your senses tell you

Because your brain can’t process…

Or can it?


Even a flower can feel

What a stone can’t

I am dead to you

I am dead to me

At least in the heart


Ghastly, ghastly

Yes. – Ghastly


Never uttered to you

It was to me, to myself

I said it

Never you

How could I?

I could never live with that

I could never forgive myself


And I’m sorry

That we (have) let each other go

Drift away

To unfamiliar harbours

Never to return again


Each other’s satellites

That’s what we are


We’ll never meet again

We’ll just have the memory

And the idea

Of the certainty

That the other one is just there


But it’s over

It is


And I’m the one

To be sad about it

I’m the one who lost the most


I’m the one who lost


You have my sincere apologies

And a sad cry from my heart

Shouting goodbye