In so many ways

I can’t even say

How many

But I know I do

Those wonderful days

Joyous and gay

Best time of my life –

With you

But now they are gone

You tell me «forget»

As if

I am able to

’cause I know, for one,

That I’ll never regret


What I’m about to do:

I miss you, my dear

I do – every day

I hope and I wish

I could have my way

I know you tell me

That I have to let go

But it’s not that easy

Because I love you so

That’s why I bring

My longing to bed

And relive those great days

Every night in my head

Someone once told me

What, unfortunately, I know

That if I truly love you

I have to let you go

So hereby I release you –

Finally you’re free

And, luckily, no longer

Restricted by me

Be free, my friend,

And return if in need

Then you always

Have my shoulder to cry on