It is as if you told me just now

I remember your words so well

The sincerity with which they were spoken

But now it seems that something’s broken

And there’s something you won’t tell

Or don’t you know how?

What you asked of me, you got

Distance, silence, but friendship still

And now all I can think is «what?!»

You’re angry with me though you had your will

The darkness that surrounds you

Makes you bitter and cold

And you make me feel so bad

With all those things you’ve told

Please don’t forget what we’ve had

And please don’t push me away

I still think of you every day

Without you here, it’s all so sad

Forgive me, dear, for loving you

And caring every day

The only thing, you know it too,

I’ve wished for all along the way

Is for you to be fine and free

No matter if it’s not with me

Remember that

I love you,

My dear